Commercial & Coin Laundry
Equipment Co.

Industry: On-Premise

CLEC offers a wide range of products to serve the needs of nursing homes, hotels, motels, hospitals, fire and rescue facilities, salons, spas, municipalities and other facilities. Whether you need to handle 20 pounds or a million pounds of laundry daily, we have the products and design expertise to fit your need. CLEC’s professional team of salespeople can help you answer 5 important issues when deciding on your laundry.

  • Labor-Cost Savings
  • Utility-Cost Savings
  • Value for your Money
  • Proven Performance
  • Warranty

Long before "being green" was trendy, CLEC was marketing energy and water saving solutions for the commercial laundry industry. So contact us and let our team of professionals show you the way to a more eco-friendly laundry.

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